Let’s do it your way.

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care for your baby, your way.

Let’s do it your way.

Motherhood Journey Coaching & Support for new Mums.

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Who I Am...

I’m Millie, a Baby Care Specialist and Motherhood Journey Coach with over ten years experience maternity nursing for VIPs. I’ve spent my career helping women navigate the crazy but beautiful experience of bringing a new life into the world. 

As a Motherhood Journey Coach & Baby Care Specialist, I work with expectant and new mums to offer bespoke support and specialist advice, so you can thrive instead of simply survive.

My unique approach blends my professional expertise with a side of realness, because let’s face it, caring for a baby is never a piece of cake (although sometimes, a piece of cake can definitely help… a spoonful of sugar and all that).

As Featured In

As Featured In

one sIze doEsn't fit alL

Advice…. there’s plenty of it to go around when you become a mum (and not all of it welcome). 

But where can you turn for honest, unbiased advice that’s tailored to you and your baby?

It’s easy to ask other mums (who are often a fantastic resource!) but what’s right for one family might not work for yours.


Your baby is unique. 

You are unique.

 Your circumstances are unique. 

And so is the support I offer.

As a Motherhood Journey Coach & Baby Care Specialist I provide parents with personalised solutions, strategies and bespoke routines and plans, that take on board your individual set of challenges. 

You don’t have to feel alone, overwhelmed or judged. I’m here as your dedicated support person to help you figure out what’s right for you and your baby.

How I can help

1:1 packages

1:1 Packages

Bespoke support and coaching for new parents



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Let me Join you oN youR moTherhood JourneY

Whether it’s a thirty minute zoom call, or a more intensive coaching & support package or a Masterclass… I can help transform post birth trepidation into that new mummy high.

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