1:1 Support

Access-all-areas expertise for you & your baby

You want your baby to: sleep for longer stretches, eat with enthusiasm, and gurgle with glee. I want you to: feel rested, confident, and rocking a routine that’s refreshingly restorative. Here’s how we can join forces and create a rhythm that works.

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Motherhood Mentoring packages

Virtual Guidance

In just one week, we’ll talk, tweak, and implement changes to your baby’s routine. Disclaimer: side effects may include a happier, revitalised, more empowered, you.

Perfect for:
Solving a key challenge or transition, by making small, gentle changes – adjusting and learning as we go.

Virtual & Face-to-Face: In-person Intensive

Combining virtual check-ins, a full-day home visit, exclusive resources, and on-demand WhatsApp access, this is my most immersive container. It’s like having a maternity nurse on call for an entire month, without the month’s salary!

Perfect for:
Exploring all aspects of your routine and motherhood challenges, complete with fully bespoke advice and around-the-clock support

new this year

Personalise Your Meditation Practice

Wanna decompress after mum-ing? Slow it right down, close those tabs in your brain, and drift off to the land of nod with a custom meditation that speaks only to you and your baby.

Not sure where to start?