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                                    : You’re the best mother for your child.

You know instinctively what feels right, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have questions… 

And as wonderful as motherhood is, no one said it’d be a walk in the park.

When you have questions, concerns, and challenges, not even a deep-dive internet search (step away from the 42-page forum!) has the answers. 

What if you could ask a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g to a baby care expert and motherhood mentor who has seen more poonamis, heard more colicky-cries, and has sent more babies to sleep than your entire friendship group/family/NCT group put together?

Introducing the In Person Intensive with Millie Poppins.

Motherhood checkpoint:

Does this sound familiar…? You’re:

Exhausted and can’t think your way out of your current baby woes?

Seeking advice from someone you can trust (not an Mumfluencer)?

Equally excited AND apprehensive about motherhood and not sure what’s ‘normal’?

Daunted with all the new baby stuff you need to know, but determined to be the best mum you can be?

Working with specialists, say a night nurse or lactation expert, but you want a more holistic, big-picture approach to caring for yourself and your baby?

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After working with me, this could be you:


“ I feel confident about my baby’s everyday routines”

“I’m less overwhelmed by motherhood”

“I know exactly what works specifically for my baby”

“I’m more in control and feel reassured in my approach to motherhood”

“I’m following my intuition, knowing that it’s been bench-marked by a professional”

I feel less isolated and alone, knowing I have an expert and friend by my side”

what it is...

An intensive, month-long supportive container for mothers and babies under 18 months. Together we’ll discuss your current baby challenges extensively, observe how personalised guidance can improve your daily routines and tweak as we go. Giving you on-demand access to a baby care expert and motherhood mentor, when you need support the most.

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What does it cover?

All and any of the following can crop up as topics, and even things outside this list. Whatever is troubling you, we can work out the best way to solve things, with an approach that’s compatible with your individual style of parenting. After all, the best kind of mum is you!

Millie is incredibly calm and nurturing & i trusted her instantly & she was an incredibly reassuring person
to have around.

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Why me?

I’ve built my career around supporting new mums and helping new babies to thrive. My approach blends my baby expertise with my coaching qualifications and is completely judgement-free; allowing you a safe environment in which to confide and conquer your biggest fears.

For me, it’s all about making you as comfortable as possible. New motherhood is a massive transition and a critical changing point in a woman’s life. That’s why my focus in on creating a truly safe space to talk openly and honestly, where I can provide you with gentle pointers for your routine, your own wellbeing and any areas you feel you are stuck. 

There is no right or wrong with new Motherhood.

The way I work is not concerned with judgement but discovering what might work better, or best for you and your baby. Together we’ll problem solve using bespoke measures to make sure your new motherhood experience is as well supported as possible.

Want to feel ready for anYthing?

How it works:

1. Talk it through

We start with an introductory one-hour virtual consultation to get to know you, your baby and your environment. 

We’ll discuss your concerns and explore how to implement practical, tailored solutions and schedules that’ll work just for you. We go in-depth about any issues, teething problems (literally or otherwise) or questions you have and it’s all about ascertaining what you feel comfortable with. This gives me time to personalise what you need from me next. Which brings me to…

The second call will be scheduled at the end of the In Person Intensive Package (which will run for one month from our 1:1 day.)

2. home visit

Shortly after our first call, I’ll pop over for a full day home visit (10am-3pm) to support you in your natural environment. 

Often, the visits are more observational – you might not even realise I’m there. And it’s never to judge what you do, it’s more to see how my holistic approaches can work specifically for you. When you need hands-on support, I’m right there with you. It’s like having a maternity nurse on-hand all day, who can give you actionable advice and considerations to your environment and routines.

3. Follow up notes & staying in touch

After seeing you and your baby in action, I’ll create personalised notes, reiterating things we learnt during our home visit or tweaks you can apply. 

You’ll also have one month of 24/7 Whatsapp support, to send texts, voice notes and/or pictures and I will encourage you to share any concerns or questions that might crop up.  This communication allows you to feel supported with the advice of a newborn professional at your fingertips, whenever you need. Especially if you are working through any of my no-cry sleep solutions and need in the moment support!

4. Final 1:1 chat

At the end of the month, we’ll schedule another one-hour virtual consultation to check-in on all the things we’ve discussed. But, it doesn’t there because…

Exclusive resources

As a Millie Poppins mentee, you’ll have full access to additional resources to make YOU feel good – mediations, affirmations, short videos, playlists and product recommendations. All made by me, just for you.

The In Person Intensive Package includes:

2 x 60-minute 1:1 virtual consultations

1 x full day (10am-3pm) home visit

Personalised notes 

1 x month of 24/7 WhatsApp support

Exclusive resources, bespoke to you

= Only £897

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Ready to get started?

As this is an intimate mentoring container, it’s important that we’re both aligned from the off. Which is why, before we do anything else, I invite you to schedule a free 15-minute chat to find out more.

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It felt like i was talking to a friend i'd known foR years - who was really great at giving advice.





I’m based in Kent and cover areas including: London, Kent, Cambridge, Oxford. If you live further away in the UK or abroad, please still reach out but note that travel expenses must be covered. 

Yes! You can message me at anytime during our month You can message or voice note me anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a month – unlimited. I will happily respond between the hours of 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri. 

Yes. There is an option to split the payment into two. The first payment would need to be paid to secure the booking and the second payment made at least 7 days before the home visit.

My books are currently closed for full-time maternity nurse clients, but this mentoring container is my most hands-on experience and will give you a lot of similar benefits to working with a maternity nurse (but for a shorter period of time and much more affordable!)

If you’d like to lengthen your In Person Intensive Package I offer add-ons:

  • An additional week of WhatsApp support between the set hours.
  • Additional virtual sessions to troubleshoot any bumps in the road that might be ahead.
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So, mama, are you ready to:


Take control of your life as a new mum?

Feel reassured and happy?

Gain support and feel seen?

Own your instincts and your unique mothering style?

Enjoy your baby more?

Stress less?

any questions?

Please complete the form below so I can understand more about your family and what sort of support you need.