Need support and guidance?

When the clock strikes 3am (Cinderella, who?) I often get an influx of frantic DMs and emails.

Mothers who are struggling with things like sleep. Feeding. Their general mental wellbeing.

I felt helpless for so long, reading these messages hours after they needed that instant check-in, advice, and guidance. Which signalled to me that the best way to help as many mothers as they journey through those early months, is to give them access to resources 24/7.

With my masterclasses, you can instantly tap into my gentle and holistic approaches to caring for your baby – whatever their age or phase.

And the best part is? You can go at your own pace and experiment, because there are no hard and fast rules or rigid routines to follow.

By Age

Are you looking for specific guidance and advice for the age and stage your baby is at now?

The Classes

4 - 6 months
6 - 9 months
9 - 12 months
12 - 18 months
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By phase

Are you needing focused support and strategy for a particular phase you and your baby are in now?

The Classes

Breastfeeding to Sleep
Worry Free Weaning
Introducing a Bottle
Transition from the Dummy
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Masterclasses by age

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kind words

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