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                                    : You’re the best mother for your child. You know instinctively what feels right, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have questions… 

And as wonderful as motherhood is, no one said it’d be a walk in the park.

If you want to get the most out of new motherhood and feel as well prepared and supported as possible, or if you want a caring, judgement-free Baby Care Specialist on hand to guide you through your motherhood journey, then my Reassure and Restore Experience is for you.

A new way to work with me.

A new way for me to support you to support your baby.

Are you:

My 1:1 Reassure and Restore Experience can make things feel easier instantly!

A small baby in the arms of his smiling mother on a white bed
A black moon with stars
A black moon with stars
A smiling newborn baby on the bed

Do you want to:

apply now and share a little about your journey so i know how best to Help you and your family.

My 1:1 Reassure and Restore Experience has been specifically designed to help new mums to flourish, drawing on my years of experience caring for their newborns and assisting new mothers from all walks of life. It provides a comprehensive coaching service that allows you to feel seen, supported and importantly, feel confident and in control.

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A pregnant mother and her husband holding her baby bump

What does it cover?

All and any of the following can crop up as topics, and even things outside this list. Whatever is troubling you, we can work out the best way to solve things, with an approach that’s compatible with your individual style of parenting. After all, the best kind of mum is you!

Millie is incredibly calm and nurturing & i trusted her instantly & she was an incredibly reassuring person
to have around.

A black moon with stars
Millie Poppins in a London street, smiling and holding her hair back

Why me?

I’ve built my career around supporting new mums and helping new babies to thrive. My approach blends my baby expertise with my coaching qualifications and is completely judgement-free; allowing you a safe environment in which to confide and conquer your biggest fears.

For me, it’s all about making you as comfortable as possible. New motherhood is a massive transition and a critical changing point in a woman’s life. That’s why my focus in on creating a truly safe space to talk openly and honestly, where I can provide you with gentle pointers for your routine, your own wellbeing and any areas you feel you are stuck. 

There is no right or wrong with new Motherhood.

The way I work is not concerned with judgement but discovering what might work better, or best for you and your baby. Together we’ll problem solve using bespoke measures to make sure your new motherhood experience is as well supported as possible.

Want to feel ready for anYthing?

How it works:

1. Talk it through

2 x one hour zoom conSultaTions

To begin I will schedule the first one hour Zoom call to get to know you, your baby and your environment. We’ll discuss your concerns and we’ll explore how to implement practical, tailored solutions and schedules that’ll work for you and your baby. This dedicated one hour session will give us plenty of time to go in-depth about any issues, teething problems (literally or otherwise) or questions you have and is all about ascertaining what you feel comfortable with. 

This gives me time to personalise what you need from me for the 1:1 day and over the coming month that I will be supporting you.

There’s never a right or wrong way to be a new mum and you can expect zero judgement. The most important thing is always making you feel understood, supported and confident in your choices.

The second call will be scheduled at the end of the Reassure & Restore Experience (which will run for one month from our 1:1 day.)

2. home visit

+ Follow up noteS

A home visit from me (10-3pm) on a day that fits in with you and your baby ofc.

Post consultation you’ll receive a personalised PDF report containing follow up notes, tips, advice and additional resources so you have all the information you need in one handy place. Each follow up report is individual and personalised to reflect your needs and situation so you can expect a high level of detail as well as helpful reminders for how to manage different baby-shaped situations.

3. Keep in Touch

Constant CommunicaTion

For one month from your home visit you will have access to me via WhatsApp to send texts, voice notes and/or pictures and I will encourage you to share any concerns or questions that might crop up in the weeks that follow. 

You can message or voice note me anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for two weeks – unlimited. I will happily respond between the hours of 9AM AND 5PM FROM MONDAY – FRIDAY.

 This communication allows you to feel supported with the advice of a newborn professional at your fingertips, whenever you need. Especially if you are working through any of my no-cry sleep solutions and need in the moment support!

4. exclusive resources

Exclusive access to my Reassure and Restore Bundle full of things to make YOU feel good – mediations, affirmations, short videos, playlists and product recommendations. All made by me, just for you.

Optional Extras

If you’d like to lengthen your 1:1 Reassure & Restore Experience I offer add-ons:

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Millie Poppins in a London cafe enjoying a hot coffee smiling

So, mama,

are you ready to:

Then let’s get started!

If you are genuinely interested in my Reassure & Restore Experience, I offer a free 15 minute Discovery Call so that we can chat and discover if we’re a match to work together. I cannot wait to hear from you and discuss how I can help transform post birth trepidation into that new mummy high.

The Investment

the reassure & restore experience

What’s included: two x 1 hour zoom calls, a 6 hour in home visit, a set of highly personalised follow up notes specific to your family, exclusive access to custom resources and one month of unlimited messaging support.

The Investment is £897 GBP.

Not sure about working together so intensely? Why not book a 30 minute Express Encouragement call and if you choose to go ahead with the Reassure & Restore Experience I will take the 47 GBP off of the package price.

The fine print – for now the Reassure and Restore package is for families who are in London, The Southeast, Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and out to the Cotswolds. 


If you are further away then please apply below and I will add you to a waitlist.

Add ONs:

If you would like a top up package where we run through the entirety of the package again (and a newly curated new set of notes that are developmentally appropriate for whichever week you are at) and another month of Whatsapp support you can purchase a top up package at the discounted price of £747.

If you are a previous client who would still like to be in contact and/or you feel that you would benefit from having me available on Whatsapp, for whatever advice you may need, you can purchase two weeks of unlimited support for £119.

A baby with his eyes closed breastfeeding from his mother
A black moon with stars

It felt like i was talking to a friend i'd known foR years - who was really great at giving advice.



London, UK


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