Virtual guidAnce

Your motherhood mentor

Look, your besties and your mother-in-law may be great (or horrendous!) at dishing out baby advice – but sometimes a problem shared isn’t a problem halved.

What if you could talk to a baby care expert, who’s been through the newborn and early baby months not just a handful of times, but hundreds of times?

Someone who can listen. Actually listen. And not rush to throw a 300-page ebook at you outlining structured regimens that are harder to understand than a foreign language. 

Well, that ‘someone’ is me, Millie Poppins. If you’ve been sent this way via Instagram or a helpful friend, I’m here to tell you that all those things flying through your head right now about you and your baby, is totally normal.

And we can totally figure it all out, together.

Gentle Guidance all the way

When you work with me 1:1, you’ll get a breath-of-fresh-air combination of:
Trouble-shooting – We’ll identify the key challenge for you and baby right now.
Reassurance – You have a safe space to talk freely and feel reassured that this is normal and will change. 
Flexibility – With a week’s gap for testing and learning, we learn together and tweak as we go.

how it works...

  1. Book your first 1:1 session

We start with a one hour Zoom call to go over every detail and every event that has led you into your current situation. Throughout this call I offer practical and reassuring advice on your current challenges, anything from sleep-inducing ideas to weaning support. 

  1. Receive personalised notes

Within 24 hours of our first call you will receive comprehensive notes that are completely personalised for you and your baby. And a personailised routine that works for you, your baby and family specifically. 

  1. Attend your follow-up session 

A week later and we’re back on a thirty minute call (same time and day as the previous week) to go over any further tweaks that could be made.



The Investment

The Virtual Guidance Package includes:

  • Initial 60-minute virtual consultation
  • Personalised notes and routine to action the week later
  • Follow-up 30-minute virtual consultation

= Only £297

kind words from those i've worked closely with...

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This mentoring container is only offered virtually, so I can support as many mothers as possible across the globe. If you want an in-person mentoring experience, check out my Reassure & Restore container. 

That’s totally down to you. I’m able to support you on all things mother and baby, from sleep to feeding, to recommending follow-up resources. During this week-long mentoring container, I’d recommend we start with your most pressing challenge, for us to focus on and together we can make gentle, small changes that works better for you and your family.

I do, but only as part of my Reassure & Restore mentoring container.

I would never guarantee you set results, because you never know how a baby will respond as they’re all so unique. And any baby expert who says otherwise, is to be approached with caution! What I can tell you, is that I’ve created this week-long process for us to listen, learn, and adapt to your baby’s needs, to give us the best chance at making small improvements and tweaks.

£297, which includes 1 x 60-minute virtual consultation, personalised notes & routine, and 1 x 30-minute virtual consultation.

Yes, you can share the link and join from multiple devices (perfect if your partner is in the office) and the calls can also be recorded.

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