let’s do it your way.

Motherhood Mentor & Baby Care Expert guiding and reassuring you to care for your baby, on your own terms.

let’s do it your way.

Mama mentor & baby care expert guiding and reassuring you to care for your baby, on your own terms.

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How do i get my baby to...

How do i get my baby to... Sleep through the night? Get rid of the dummy? Sleep in their cot? Eat solid foods?

Sleep through the night? Get rid of the dummy? Sleep in their cot? Eat solid foods?

Be honest. What’s the first thing that came to mind? Sleep? Settle? Feed? Get rid of the dummy? Do the dishes (if only!)?

I work with mothers like you, everyday, looking for a fix to their current baby woes.

Maybe you’ve read e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, only to find that baby doesn’t follow the copy-and-paste steps laid out by the latest Insta guru. Maybe you keep your daily challenges all to yourself and silently wish for an overnight miracle.

As conflicted as you might feel at this moment, searching for answers, wondering “Is this normal?” you’re not alone.

i see you. i support you.

i see you.
i support you.

And Together, there’s nothing this baby
or motherhood can throw at us.

Because after working with hundreds of babies over the last decade (more on that in a mo…), I know I have the answers that actually work. And I serve up those answers in all sorts of flexible, gentle, and reassuring ways – from go-with-your-own-flow masterclasses to fully immersive 1:1 mentoring packages.

But, before we get started – let’s check in with you…


i neEd guidance & Support...

“Millie gave us all a sense of calm during a very overwhelming time of our lives!”

– Alexandra T & baby twins (prem, 35 weeks)

Compassionate Guide.
baby Whisperer. Non-judgy friend.

I’ve been called many things over the last 10+ years in the maternity nurse world. But, you can call me Millie!

I’ve spent my career working with families of all shapes and sizes, from the VIPs to the very-stressed-outs, helping mama’s navigate the crazy but beautiful experience of bringing new life into the world.

I’m here to empower you to make your own decisions and progress at your own pace with gentle tweaks and “small wins” to leave you feeling in control and confident in caring for your baby.

My methods and ethos allow you to respond to your baby, to lean into what feels intuitively best for you and your family, as I truly believe that as long as your baby is safe, then nothing else matters.

Breaking motherhood taboos
(one blog post at a time!)

From revealing the harsh reality of the baby sleep industry to exploring the wild west of mummy influencers, no topic is off limits over on my blog.

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