Millie provided a flawless standard of care and invaluable support to us as new parents.

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My Story

I’m Millie. A newborn specialist with a passion for helping women to thrive as new mums. 

The name Millie Poppins was affectionately given to me by a family I worked with early in my career, and safe to say it has stuck ever since. 

While Mary Poppins might be associated with magic and whimsy, I prefer to keep things real. I know full well that caring for a newborn is an intense experience and even the mostly sweetly sung lullaby won’t always work! 

The reality is, you love your baby, but you’re most likely tired out, overwhelmed and sore in multiple places. The short story – it’s tough.

Over the past ten years i’ve bUilt a reputatIon for providing fiRst class support to new Mums so they Can fulfil their potential and feel more confidEnt.

Being a mum is a brand new job, and most of us don’t get any training. As a maternity journey coach I help advise as you get into your stride, supporting you through all those ups and downs.

I’m based in London and have worked all over the world caring for babies, nurturing their development and implementing gentle, baby led routines that actually work.

For newborns, I believe in longterm structure and establishing good habits and for new mothers, I believe in being kind to yourself, taking each day as it comes and asking for help when you need it.

I’d love to be able to help you get more out of motherhood and stress less as you make this important transition.

Explore the services i offeR to see how i can help you and your growing family.

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We could noT have got through those first few months without Millie’s help!

Millie worked with us from when our baby Zander was about 4 weeks old and has helped us on an advocate basis ever since. She has done both nights and day time nannying.

She has a confident and caring manner and fit into our wider family and team (including working with another nanny) very well.

When she arrived our baby was suffering from undiagnosed reflux – Millie was quick to identify the symptoms and recommend treatment including referring us to a specialist paediatrician.

She was extremely helpful in providing guidance on feeding amounts and times, routines, and tips managing reflux symptoms, as well as giving me much needed respite during a very stressful and exhausting time.

We could not have got through those first few months without Millie’s help! I would not hesitate to recommend Millie to anyone who requires specialist newborn help or advice on any aspect of newborn and baby issues. We continue to seek her advice and guidance and she has now become a close and permanent part of our support network.

One of the many families Maternity Nurse Millie Poppins has helped.
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