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Maternity rights & baby’s first nights

Empowering mothers to care for their babies and themselves, on their own terms, is what I do every, single, day.

And while I can help them navigate what’s happening in their own homes, often once they go back to work, they’re greeted with countless challenges – from feeling overwhelmed to being overlooked.

Never has the topic of maternity rights and parental flexi-working been more dominant on our newsfeeds. But, the headlines don’t go far enough.

The first step in changing a culture or shifting the narrative, is to speak. Openly. Freely. Authentically.

And I use my voice to amplify theirs – the mother’s and parents who need your attention and your support in the workplace, today.

How to support your workforce

From hosting interactive in-house workshops to speaking on Q&A panels, I can help spark important conversations within your company and show you ways of supporting your parental workforce.

Often when I give a talk or interactive workshop, I create fully bespoke content. But to give you an idea on what we could cover, frequently-requested topics include:

Expertise from a trusted voice

Been sent my way by a colleague or friend and wondering, ‘who is Millie Poppins?’

I’ve been in the maternity space for over a decade, working with hundreds of mothers and newborns in their earliest and often, most vulnerable, months.

From working with families from morning to night as a maternity nurse, to supporting mothers over Zoom during lockdown, and sharing advice daily to my 14k+ followers, I’m a trusted baby care expert & motherhood mentor.

My goal? To empower mothers to care for themselves and their babies. And talking to your internal teams, whether that’s on a stage at a company retreat or in a small intimate group, is all part of my holistic approach to championing the complexities of motherhood.


I’m based in Kent, so I frequently travel across London and the surrounding areas for talks and events. But, nowhere in the UK is off limits!

Hmmm, it’s hard to give a concrete answer because it depends on the topic and purpose of the talk. But, anything from 30 minutes up to a full-day. I often customise the content to work within your chosen timeframe.

Of course! In fact, partnering with baby care brands is something I do often as I can add a ton of value to launch events and panel discussions. Let me know what themes and topics you have in mind (equally I’m happy to suggest a bunch or you can check out my opinion pieces over on my blog) and let’s get started.

I create custom quotes for each speaking request, as requirements are often so varied, but to give you a rough idea my minimum booking fee is: £400

The first step is to fill out my Contact form to let me know you want to chat. And we’ll discuss all the finer details on a short, follow-up call.

Want to drop a hint to Hr?

Simply pass this page along to your line manager (or tell them to Google ‘Millie Poppins’) to raise awareness of maternity mental health and workplace rights.